DIY Tassel Garland


It all started with the wall above Amelie’s changing unit starting to look a little bare, and so I scrolled through Pinterest for some inspiration. Here, I found tons of ‘shelfies’ which inspired me to create my own, and decorate the ever so naked wall above the changing unit.


Let’s Talk About Skin


I hope you’ve got a cup of tea to hand because this is a long one…

Pregnancy, weather changes, not enough water. You name it – it’s probably affected my skin. I’ve tried near enough every skincare product on the shelves in Boots, and it took me a good few years to find products that actually work. Before I ramble on, I am aware that everyone has different skin types and so this routine may not fit your skin type. For reference, my skin is ‘dehydrated’ and ‘combination’; making it oily in some areas (generally my forehead) and dry in other areas (generally around my nose and chin).