Meeting Our Online Friends

Lifestyle, Travel

Finally!! After 8 months of friendship, we got round to meeting our online friends – Paige, Rob and Freddie. You no longer have to listen (or read) about how much I want to meet them. But, you do have to read about what is was like meeting them. Travelling back to Bristol from Norfolk consisted of a lot of ‘I wish we lived closer’ texts, and I really do wish we did!

After months of planning a family get-together, we finally bit the bullet and travelled 4 hours east. A not-so-fun journey when you get terrible travel sickness. Yuck! However, it was worth the pain when we ended up having the best trip ever. I completely fell in love with the area as it’s so tranquil and everything is right on your doorstep. I’d move there in a heartbeat if it didn’t mean leaving such a wonderful family at home.

Paige and Rob kindly showed us around the area, and gave us a sneak peak of the behind-the-scenes of P and R Designs. The first day was pretty chill – lots of food, wine and lols. The second day involved an adult soft play which consisted of me quite literally flying down the slides. On the third day we watched Rob and Cyril showcase their punting skills. Then it was home time. We had the best trip, but my god it flew by.

Now here comes the real soppy stuff. Who knew that you could make lifelong friends from one cringey Instagram message?! Hi Paige, you don’t know me and I don’t know you but please can you tell me how to raise a child. It’s so crazy to think that out of all of the people I could have messaged, I chose a family that’s so weirdly similar to us! This is a post to pretty much thank my past self, and to share a few snaps from our trip to Norfolk!

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