Meeting Our Online Friends

Lifestyle, Travel

Finally!! After 8 months of friendship, we got round to meeting our online friends – Paige, Rob and Freddie. You no longer have to listen (or read) about how much I want to meet them. But, you do have to read about what is was like meeting them. Travelling back to Bristol from Norfolk consisted of a lot of ‘I wish we lived closer’ texts, and I really do wish we did!

Travel Diary | Paris


Since our plan to visit Barcelona fell through this summer, Cy surprised me with a trip to Paris. Since the day he told me, I think my friends have been excited for me to go so that I’d finally shut up about what I was going to wear on what day. I blubbered the whole journey about how much I’d miss Amelie, but I knew that some quality time as a couple who aren’t just ‘mummy and daddy’ was well overdue.