Travel Diary | Paris


Since our plan to visit Barcelona fell through this summer, Cy surprised me with a trip to Paris. Since the day he told me, I think my friends have been excited for me to go so that I’d finally shut up about what I was going to wear on what day. I blubbered the whole journey about how much I’d miss Amelie, but I knew that some quality time as a couple who aren’t just ‘mummy and daddy’ was well overdue.

We stayed at citizenM Hotel – Gare De Lyon, which was the first thing we decided as we have previously stayed in citizenM in Shoreditch (and loved it)! The staff are lovely, the rooms have everything you need, and you can guarantee a great view from your room (we stayed on the 7th floor). To travel – we walked anywhere that was within a 30 minute walking distance; but took the metro everywhere else. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the metro – it’s a much busier, and more complicated version of the London Underground. I say complicated because we are pretty much novices when it comes to French. However, the Metro app came in very handy!

Day One

When we arrived, we were super tired from our journey so we wanted a pretty low maintenance day. We used the metro to get from Gare Du Lyon to Auber, and then had a look round Galeries Lafayette. Totally out of our price range, but one of those ‘just to say I’ve been there’ places. We then hopped back to the metro station and headed to La Défense for the Christmas markets. There were so many amazing foods to choose from, but I went for something that I can describe no better than ‘curry wrapped in naan bread’. A lot better tasting than it sounds!

Day Two

This is where things got much more interesting. We headed out as early as possible and grabbed one of Angelina’s infamous hot chocolates. Drinking what seemed like pure melted chocolate was dreamy, and something I would have been all over when I was pregnant (the cravings were real). It was absolutely freezing but the sun was out so we took a stroll through Jardin Des Tuileries, and over to Place Vendôme. A whole lot of Christmas trees and every designer label you can imagine.

When it got to lunch time, we walked towards Montmartre and decided to eat at Pink Mamma. Definitely the place for a fussy eater with a big appetite (me). It also had the most amazing interior! The Sacré-Coeur is just around the corner, and so we trekked (and whined) up 270 steps to experience the best view in Paris! In the evening, we took the metro to Champ de Mars Tour Eiffel to see the Eiffel Tower (which was lit up blue as a tribute for Johnny Hallyday) because did you even go to Paris if you didn’t visit the Eiffel Tower?!

Day Three

We finished the trip with another (unintentional) low maintenance day. Our original plan was to walk to Musée Du Louvre but unfortunately the weather was not cooperating. Our hotel was a few steps away from Gare De Lyon metro station, so we hopped back on the metro and back to La Défense to do a little shop. Two words – Zara Home. After many online orders, I could finally have a good browse. We consumed our body weight in macarons and had a look around the shopping mall.

In all honesty, it was difficult to squeeze a whole trip into three days; but I feel like we done everything (besides seeing Musée Du Louvre) that we had planned. Despite wanting to rush home and cuddle my little bear, I was sad to leave such a beautiful city. Paris, you were a dream!

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