Toddler Birthday Present Ideas


No idea what to buy as a gift for a second birthday party? Or a parent with a toddler that seems to have everything already? With Amelie’s second birthday just around the corner, I thought I’d share a few things that I have already bought and things I’m wanting to buy for my little tot if you’re needing some inspo!

Ammie has been pointing out bikes and scooters for as long as I can remember, but I don’t feel ready to invest in a full blown bike just yet. I’ve been lusting over the Bobbin Bikes but I can’t justify spending that much money until we have a garden for Amelie to ride around in, and so I’ve opted for something much cheaper and a bit more practical for the time being. The Smoby 2-in-1 is a scooter AND trike, which can be easily converted from one to the other. It retails for around £39.99 and I think Amelie will enjoy scooting to nursery next month. I just need to find a little helmet to pair with this present!

Another thing I’ve been wanting to get for Amelie is some kinetic sand. She’s obsessed with sand and playdough, and I feel like this is a sort of hybrid. I was thinking of getting her a tuff tray (which she can use for just about anything) and getting a few little kinetic sand kits that she can play with in there. I’ve spotted an ice cream kit which I’ve been eyeing up as Amelie has a new obsession with making ‘ice cream’ (aka putting a plastic sausage in an empty yellow kinder egg) in her kitchen.

Melissa and Doug have an amazing selection of toys for babies and toddlers, and I’ve had a browse online to pick out a few of my faves that I’d love to get Amelie for her birthday. Amelie is really into things that require a lot of concentration and using her fine motor skills (this includes peeling off the tiniest stickers off all of her prescriptions), and so I feel like she’d absolutely love the Melissa and Doug Wooden Latches Board! I’ve even seen a few people make their own busy boards which could be a great option if you like a bit of DIY.

I feel like if you fall into the no idea what to buy as a gift for a second birthday party category then it would be fab to go for something small that toddlers can take out and about with them to keep them entertained. A few books and games that I’ve been loving for taking out with us include the Play Felt books (my friend bought Amelie one of these and it’s been a big hit), Picture Lotto (we got ours from Flying Tiger but there’s loads of different ones about), and Water Magic books (fab for mess free colouring).

The last thing that I’ve picked up for Amelie is some wellies and backpack, all ready for when she starts nursery this September. This probably sounds like an uber boring gift for a toddler, but I know Amelie will be thrilled with her ‘pack pack’ and the thought of taking her new wellies for a jump in some puddles. Practical gifts are a must if you don’t want to be up to your neck in toys!

What have you bought your toddler for their second birthday?