Five Things I Said I’d Never Do (But Do)


I was the perfect parent. Well, that was before I actually became a parent. “I’d never do this”, “I’d never do that”. In fact, I actually had a conversation with my friends mum a week before discovering my pregnancy about the things I wouldn’t do as a parent. And, here I am – doing it all.


And So The Weaning Begins!


After a whole lot of research, weeks of putting it off, and an inevitable ‘help me’ text to Paige – I’ve finally got my head around where to start with weaning. I use Holly Willoughby’s ‘Truly Scrumptious Baby’ book, and Ella’s Kitchen’s weaning wall charts for guidance. If you sign up to be a friend of Ella’s Kitchen, you will receive these charts for free through the post.

Is Soothing A Newborn Impossible?!


I feel like this post is well overdue since I’ve had tons of questions on Amelie and her good sleeping genes. There is no denying the utter mum guilt when you can’t work out why your baby is crying. You can never be prepared for those first few weeks with a newborn – the sleepless nights are brutal. Me and Cyril used to lose our minds, feeling awful that we didn’t know how to soothe Amelie. That’s until our friend introduced us to this app.

Meeting Our Online Friends

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Finally!! After 8 months of friendship, we got round to meeting our online friends – Paige, Rob and Freddie. You no longer have to listen (or read) about how much I want to meet them. But, you do have to read about what is was like meeting them. Travelling back to Bristol from Norfolk consisted of a lot of ‘I wish we lived closer’ texts, and I really do wish we did!