Let’s Talk About Contraception


Contraception. The good, the bad and the ugly. Except, the only good thing seems to be the fact that you can prevent unwanted pregnancy. I get quite a few questions about how I fell pregnant and what contraception I’m using now. So, what better way to answer than a rambley blog post?!

The Pill

The pill did not work for me. I was rubbish at remembering to take it, and I experienced pretty much every side effect. The first pill that I was put on was Microgynon. The worst thing ever. It brought my mood down so much, plastered my face in acne, and my boobs were constantly sore. The mood swings were the main issue. Without going into too much detail, I pretty much should not have been put on this because of my medical history but it’s the cheapest pill; and thus most people are put on this first. Please please please do your research before consulting a doctor – you know your own body better than anyone!

The second pill I was put on was Yasmin. This one was much better than Microgynon but I started to suffer with migraines which is something I’d never had issues with before; and so I asked to change again. The final straw was Loestrin. And, I hated this one too. I felt permanently fatigued, and was again plastered in acne (face and body). That was it for me – time to change my contraception!

The Implant

So, most people think that I fell pregnant whilst on the implant. Wrong. When I came off the pill, I had to wait a week before getting the implant fitted. In that week, I fell pregnant. Some may some I’m lucky, some may say wtf. I was a bit of both. I had (unknowingly) fallen pregnant before changing my contraception. I was telling my friends to get the implant because your boobs get bigger and you don’t have periods. So naive.

However, I did get the implant inserted again after my 6 week postpartum check up. A lot of people cringe at the thought of having something fitted in your arm, but you honestly forget that it’s there. And, the insertion is pretty much painless. I do feel like my hormones have been all over the place but that’s a mixture of being postpartum and being on contraception.

I’ve been umming and ahhing about whether to try something new or just scrap contraception altogether. Risky move, I know. I don’t want to go into heaps of detail on here, but I was recently diagnosed with a genetic disorder to which I get frequent headaches and dizziness. My doctor believes that the implant is worsening the symptoms, and so it is probably best that I get it removed sooner rather than later.

The Copper Coil

There are two types of coils – the Mirina coil and the copper coil. I have been tempted to opt for the copper coil as it doesn’t release hormones, and releases copper instead. This is very marmite when it comes to contraception, but my lovely friend Ria has written a detailed blog post on her experience with the copper coil if you’d like to find out more on that!

What contraception has worked for you?

5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Contraception

  1. I suffer migraines really badly and went on the copper coil once I was at uni. It was the best thing I ever did (although my periods on it are HORRENDOUS but you get used to it) HOWEVER I did get an infection and had to have it taken out and wait a while before getting one put back in and that’s when Sassy decided to come along OOPS 😂 I’m on the copper coil again now though and I have no side effects. I also love the fact it lasts for ages so you don’t have to remember it and you can get it taken out and try for a baby whenever suits!


    1. This is why I’m so tempted! There’s no side effects because there’s no hormones – dreamy! I’m so irritable all of the time (poor Cy) and I’m so sure it’s because my body just can’t cope with all of these hormones. Hahaha, Saskia was the best little surprise though 😍


  2. I got pregnant whilst on the pill so I’m scared to take any thing now. I think the safest (but most inconvenient) form of contraception is condoms.
    I’d love to not have periods though, breastfeeding has stopped them for now dreading them returning! Great blog post Chloe xxx


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