Pregnancy Diaries | The Second Trimester


Oh, hello second trimester. You’ve come around much quicker than expected! I kind of thought this pregnancy would drag awfully compared to my pregnancy with Amelie, but having a toddler that keeps you on your toes definitely speeds things up a notch.

I’ve been suffering terribly with heartburn this week. At first, I thought it was indigestion but it’s been coming way too often and is way too intense. I can’t remember having heartburn at all with Amelie, and good ‘ol wives tale claims that this means your baby has hair. Makes sense, as Amelie was (is) totally bald. I’m also feeling little bubbles in my tummy and can’t figure out if it’s very early movements (apparently fairly common in second pregnancies) or just… Gas. With all of this Pepsi Max, how can I moan about heartburn and gas? It’s my own bloody fault, haha.

Call me crazy but I am sure that I’m feeling flutters. Just teeny little pops of what seems like movement in my tummy. And no, it’s not wind! 14 weeks in, and I think I’ve finally cracked the difference. I’ve also figured out that I crave Pepsi, drink Pepsi, and then get heartburn. Repeat. Cravings that bring on your heartburn isn’t the most ideal scenario is it? Typical!

And just like that, you all know our news! Eeeek. I’m starting to feel absolutely exhausted again, and I’ve got a funny feeling that’s not going to wear off with little Ammie keeping me on my toes! Bedtime at 8:30pm? Yes please! My ankles and calves are starting to swell up, which of course is super sexy, but my bump (aka bloating) has reduced and I’m looking a little more like I’m 15 weeks than 30 weeks. It’s like Mother Nature knows it’s a secret for the first 3 months so purposely makes you huge at first, and then typically sucks you straight back in once everyone knows!

16 weeks already and we’ve now heard baby’s heartbeat! Time seems to be flying by now. I’ve not really had many symptoms this week but I’m still pretty darn exhausted to say the least. Second trimester energy, where you at?

I’m starting to feel really heavy now. This week I’ve been getting a really weird pain running from my lower back to just below the back of my thigh. I get a little spasm if I’m walking (or just standing) for too long, so I’m guessing it’s linked to me being heavier and the pressure on my nerves? I don’t know, that sounds very pro-fesh for someone who hasn’t got a clue. Lil update – after a quick chat with the midwife, it sounds like it could be acute sciatica.

I’ve been referred to a physio, woohoo! I mean, I have to a wait a few weeks for an appointment BUT STILL! I’m starting to feel a little more myself (in terms of tiredness) and I’ve learnt to give myself a break, and rest when needed (and when I actually can). I also have a new little ~craving~ of milkshakes/frappes/anything of that sort. Delish! Although the only thing I’m really craving is some bloody relaxation and sunshine.

19 weeks and I’VE FELT BABY KICK! I’ve been feeling little flutters for a little over a month now, but an actual kick just happened. The best feeling ever. I was starting to get a little worried as my midwife was asking if I had felt kicks, and I kept reading that people were feeling them early with their second baby; but it turns out my placenta is anterior which explains a lot!

IT’S A… Baby. The umbilical cord was blocking the little nub so the midwife didn’t want to give a definite answer. Surely that means it’s a girl, as I’m sure a little boy would be loud and proud on a scan. Who knows. Baby is nice and healthy, and cooking away nicely so that’s a huge sigh of relief!

I’m bloody loving being pregnant. I feel like I’m starting to get a teeny bit of energy back thanks to keeping myself hydrated and taking Floradix daily. I’m feeling lots of movement now, even Cy has felt a few kicks (with his hand, he’s definitely not carrying a baby too). Sleeping is getting a little uncomfortable, and the pregnancy insomnia is real, but all is good otherwise!

WE ARE HAVING A ANOTHER GIRL! May the baby shopping begin (and the sorting of Amelie’s newborn clothes)! The whole keeping hydrated and Floradix combo is working really well, and I’m feeling a little less tired each day (albeit still needing a nap when possible). I’m feeling a little on the frumpy side this week, but I’m probably not helping myself with all of the snacks I consume daily. Oopsie!

I am so friggin emotional at the moment. From Molly-Mae and Tommy on Love Island, to arriving at work and crying for absolutely no reason at all. Pull yourself together, Chlo! I feel like I’m well and truly nesting already – I feel so eager to get the house ready for baby girl (like she’ll even notice) so we’ve decided to make a start on buying some new storage furniture next week. Ikea, I’m coming for ya!

I’m finally at 24 weeks which is a huge milestone for me as 1. The baby has a high chance of survival if I was to go into premature labour, and 2. It’s the exact week that I found out I was pregnant with Amelie. I had a midwife check up today and apparently I’m measuring 2 weeks too small and the baby is very low, but things seem perfectly healthy and fine which is the most important thing!

Oh man, these leg cramps! I remember suffering terribly with these in my last pregnancy, and I certainly haven’t missed them. I’ve got stuck into my fave pregnancy book by Clemmie Hooper, and I just bloody love that woman! It’s so interesting how much you forget from your first pregnancy/labour/bash at motherhood. Baby girl has been super wriggly this week which is just the best feeling ever!

I’ve not heard back from my OGTT, but apparently no news is good news so wooo! Although I do have a whopping bruise on my arm from the two blood tests. Can’t have it all I guess, haha. I’ve been getting a bit lightheaded again recently, and actually asked my friend if she could feel the floor moving the other day (she looked very concerned), but I’m guessing that’s to do with all of the extra blood flow? I’m also very thankful for some breezier days after that crazy heatwave we’ve just had! Wow!

As if this is my last week in my second trimester! I’m feeling pretty great at the moment (despite waking up at 4am most mornings with leg cramps and desperately needing to pee). I’ve started to get Braxton hicks which are quite uncomfortable at times but let’s face it – they have nothing on those full blown contractions do they? Exciting times ahead, haha! No but in all seriousness, I’m actually (strangely) looking forward to giving birth again, and can’t believe the countdown begins so soon!

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