BabyDan Dan Chair Review


I’ve had my eye on one of these grow with your baby chairs for as long as I can remember. I’m sure most of you have heard of the Stokke Tripp Trapp chairs which retail for about £150 – totally out of our budget but totally amazing. When one of my friends recommended the Dan Chair by BabyDan (a much cheaper alternative which retails for around £80) I was straight onto Facebook marketplace. I’m a sucker for second-hand if it’s a bargain, and we managed to nab this for £17 from a lovely lady who absolutely swore by this chair until her child grew out of it!


With it being second hand, I obviously didn’t have much choice in the colour but I would have opted for the natural beech colour anyway as it matches our table perfectly! I love the modern and Scandinavian style it has as opposed to Amelie’s old Ikea high chair, and how easily it just slots under the table and blends in lovely; not looking out of place. It’s super easy to clean as it’s wooden with a soft leather strap – I give it a quick spritz of some Method anti bac (obvz) and we’re good to go!

The long legs are designed so that the chair doesn’t tip back whilst your baby is in it. This is such a fab idea and I can in-fact confirm that it works brilliantly as Amelie often stands up, and sends my heart into my stomach, but be prepared for many stubbed toes. I’ve called the high chair all sorts of names by now, but let’s not forget it’s good use!

The thing that I love most about these chairs is that you can simply take off the waist bar and crotch strap as your baby gets older and they can then use it as a high chair not a high chair – does the emphasis make sense? I can’t really articulate it ~sorry~. It’s just nice that your baby can sit properly and comfortably at the table during dinner time and feel a part of the family!


Amelie is at the age now where she doesn’t necessarily need a tray on her high chair, so this works perfectly as she eats from off of the table. However, if your baby still requires a tray it’s best to keep in mind that the DanChair doesn’t come with one unlike the Stokke Tripp Trapp, but fortunately that didn’t bother us!

I also find that it can be a little tricky to put Amelie in sometimes and she quite often gets her knees caught. We’ve managed to master a certain angle that we have to pop in at, and though it does the job it’s a little inconvenient.

I feel like this has been a really rambley review but I wanted to give a detailed explanation on both the pros and cons, and I also wanted to share a much cheaper alternative to anybody who has been looking at the higher end versions of these chairs. I’d highly recommend the DanChair – it’s a really great way of having your baby at the table and feeling involved with the family during meal times! We’re so pleased with it, and Amelie absolutely loves it!

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