The Cot To Bed Transition


For the past couple of weeks, Amelie has been sleeping in her brand new big girl’s bed. Where has my baby gone?! She’s settled into it like a dream, as predicted, and I’m so proud of how well she’s adapted to this change.

Of course, there is absolutely no rush into putting your toddler into a bed but we truly felt like Amelie was ready. She quite often woke in the night just for a cuddle our bed, so we figured that she simply liked the comfort and space in a regular bed as opposed to a cot. And we were right (we think)! We went for the Noa and Nani sleigh bed which was under the ‘Kid’s Single Beds’ category on their website. I love the design and it didn’t seem like it would swamp our tiny toddler.

The first tip I’d give a mum who’s thinking of transitioning their toddler to a bed is get a solid routine into practice. One of the main things that sold me on getting a bed for Amelie was after she slept in a bed when we went to visit our friends. I always put Amelie into her pyjamas, give her some milk and read her a book before bed. When we stayed with our friends, I was able to get into bed with Amelie whilst reading her book and she was absolutely loved that! It was something she was already familiar with (being read a book) but a little more comforting and fun for her!

My second tip would be to not push it unless they are genuinely ready. I was in no rush to put Amelie into a bed but we just felt like she was showing signs of being ready so we took the plunge, and we’re so pleased that we did! A few signs that your toddler may be ready are: climbing out of their cot, wanting to sleep in your bed, getting too long for their cot. I am by no means an expert, this just what I’ve learnt on this little journey of mine.

The last thing I’d definitely recommend is to introduce a duvet and pillow whilst they’re in a cot. We bought Amelie a duvet set when she was around 16 months and I feel like it was a good way of easing her into sleeping like a little girl rather than a baby. She’s previously co-slept with us with our duvet, so I think she was excited to have her own! Of course you will introduce this when they have a bed, but it’s nice for them to try it out before so that you don’t overwhelm them with all of these new things at once. Baby steps are key!

At what age did you transition your toddler from a cot to a bed?

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