For Your Teething Baby


It goes without saying that teething is one of the worst things to watch your baby go through. After their vaccinations, of course. In all fairness, Amelie has powered through the last four teeth but the first two really got her down (we’re only 6 teeth in at 16 months). I thought I’d do a quick round up of the products I swear by for when those pesky little toothy pegs are poking through, and hopefully they’ll work for your little one too!

Apart from the obvious sore gums, Amelie also suffers with a sore bum (impromptu poetry). I still have no idea how teething causes nappy rash but Google suggests that it’s down to the excess saliva being swallowed. Nonetheless, I absolutely swear by an ointment called Metanium which I apply thinly to soothe the soreness and reduce the redness. If I apply this on an evening, I can almost guarantee that the rash will be gone (or at least reduced) by the morning.

Our second holy grail product is for those poor sore gums. I tried out different gels which do an alright job but let me introduce you to the good stuff – Anbesol. I was skeptical about this product because it’s not the cheapest of teething remedies, but believe me when I say that it’s worth every penny. I simply spread Anbesol on the sore part of Amelie’s gums – there’s only need for one application as this stuff is strong. I’m pretty sure that this is one of those behind the counter purchases so Boots is probably you’re best bet!

My last must have for teething is Sophie the Giraffe. Of course. Amelie has loved Sophie since she was tiny, and though we have had to buy multiple Sophie’s due to Amelie and her tendency to chuck whatever she fancies out of the pram, it really is worth the £11.99 that it is! It’s perfect for babies as the long neck allows them to hold the giraffe perfectly, and the soft texture is kind to their sore gums.

What do you swear by for your teething baby?

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