What’s In My Toddler’s Christmas Eve Box 2018


It’s that time of year again where I’m up to my neck in unticked lists of things to do, but I have got Amelie’s Christmas Eve box sorted! As I mentioned in my post last year, my family are really into small gifts on Christmas Eve just to heighten the festivities so I made Amelie a box that can be used year after year. Please don’t feel like you have to include this tradition just because every other mum does, it’s just something I’ve chose to do!

I decided to pop some pyjamas in again this year as nothing feels quite as festive than wearing your most Will Ferrell jim jams whilst watching a movie! I swapped last year’s bibs with a plate from Matalan that Amelie can use for food on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for the next few years.

Last year, I popped two books into the box so I thought I’d mix it up this year and I’ve put a little crafty activity from in there which she can do on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (take a shot for every time I type Christmas – that one counts). And then lastly, my Nan picked up this lovely little reindeer teddy for Peacocks which I’m sure Amelie will absolutely adore and will be sure to Christen with the name ‘bear bear’. Oh, and of course I had to chuck in some white chocolate coins!

This post is a Mother Hen Club post. My role in Mother Hen is to create content mainly based on fashion and lifestyle as a young mum. For more information on Mother Hen you can follow them on Instagram @motherhenclub or have a look on their brand new website https://www.motherhenclub.co.uk.

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