Baby Girl A/W Capsule Wardrobe


Besides the bobble hat and unlimited long-sleeved vests, there are a few other bits and bobs that I will always make sure Amelie has in her wardrobe. She has countless pairs of leggings and a dungaree dress for every season, but there are few extras that I add in for the colder months. I’ve gone through a few of my favourite sites for baby clothes and rounded up my top three items for each category.

Instead of spending tons of money on baby clothes every month, I’ve decided to start a mini capsule wardrobe for Amelie. If you’re wondering what a capsule wardrobe is, it’s essentially a small collection of clothes that are easy to mix and match. So, for Amelie – I’ve picked up a few tops, a few pairs of leggings, a few cardigans, and basically just a few bits and bobs that can make up various different outfits. Genius, right?


When it comes to cardigans, I’d suggest perhaps investing in two or three colours that you know your child will get a lot of wear out of. For Amelie I’ve gone for a dark pink, a cream and a mustard. Zara and Next are my go-to for cardigans because they seem to last so well in terms of size and quality.


Packs of leggings are fab! You can usually guarantee that a pack of three leggings will sort you a basic pair, a patterned pair and a bold-coloured pair. I like to keep a mixture of plain leggings and patterned leggings so that they are easy to mix and match with plain and patterned tops. Mothercare and Next are my personal favourites for affordable and good quality leggings.


Again, you need those multipacks in your life. You can usually pick up a really affordable pack of plain tops from Next, Mothercare, H&M, you name it. I think it’s especially important to make sure you have a white top in your baby’s wardrobe. White is a risky colour but it just so happens that it goes with everything. You know that green pair of leggings that came in that multipack and you have no tops to match it? Voila!


If you follow my Instagram then you’ll know the struggle that I had with finding boots that actually fit Amelie. They either swamped her little ankles or were too heavy to walk in. Oh, and not to forget that I couldn’t find a reasonably priced pair of size 3 shoes ANYWHERE. Well, so I thought. Amelie’s boots are from Primark but I’ve heard really good things about the boots in Mothercare and Matalan, and there are some gorgeous ones in River Island!


When it comes to layering for Amelie I’ve tried to have a smart coat, a practical coat and a puddlesuit. Her practical coat is one that was passed down from her best friend and is from John Lewis. It’s waterproof with a hood, with warm lining and built in mitts. Perfect. Amelie’s smart coat is a little fluffy number that I picked up from Primark and it has served her so well – it’s thick with a hood and looks gorgeous, just not the most practical in the rain. As that was from Primark, I’ve linked an alternative smart coat here. You could also go for something a little inbetween and get a smart but practical coat, maybe something a little like this?!

I hope this has helped you out with creating a capsule wardrobe for your toddler. It’s a great way to keep their wardrobe simple and versatile, but also ~on trend~ if you like.

This post is a Mother Hen Club post. My role in Mother Hen is to create content on fashion and lifestyle as a young mum. For more information on Mother Hen you can follow them on Instagram @motherhenclub or have a look on their website

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