Developmental Activities For Your Toddler


After an impromptu story on how to creatively stop your toddler from having a meltdown, I thought I’d write a good ‘ol blog post on my tips and tricks. Well, more so  – Amelie wanted my hair grips, I took them away, she had a tantrum, I improvised. Since then, I’ve experimented with a few other at-home goodies to help with her development and thought I’d share a few!

Scooping Pasta

For this activity you will simply need some dried pasta, a baking tray and an egg turner (presumably three things you already have in the kitchen cupboard). This has been a fun way of teaching Amelie how to pick things up using objects other than her own hands – perhaps this could be a good starter if you’re trying to encourage your child to use cutlery?

Pom Pom Drop 

The next activity includes some pom poms (you may not have these at home but I bet you have some cotton wool ball that you can tear up) and the cardboard bit of your kitchen roll. I simply just cellotape this to my kitchen cupboards and Amelie pops the pom poms down the roll.

This should encourage your child’s pincer grasp development (GCSE Child Development coming out in me here) and it teaches them to release objects from this grasp. And they will be entertained for ages!

Pipe Cleaner Colander 

So this one stemmed from ~that~ story that I mentioned at the start. I originally gave Amelie my hair grips to put through the holes in the colander but obviously pipe cleaners are much more exciting (and much more child friendly). This little activity has been a great way of developing Amelie’s hand-eye coordination and she genuinely really enjoys it!

I’m by no means an expert when it comes to child development, even if I did get A* in all of my coursework. Just kidding. Kinda. This is just what’s been working for us! Not only are these activities good for encouraging new skills but it also keeps them occupied and is near enough free (or extremely low cost) to set up.

What do you do to keep your toddlers entertained at home?


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