Amelie’s Twelve Month Update


Oh, Amelie.

I can’t quite believe that I now have a ONE YEAR OLD. Eeek. I always feel cliche saying it, but time has flown by! Loving Amelie has been so easy since she is the most friendliest and lively little baby I’ve ever known, and each month has just got better and better (with teething and tantrums aside).

Amelie’s Likes

– Walking. Maybe a little zombie-like, but we’re there! Wooo!

– Laughing when she farts (yep). Who raised this child?!

– Nanny’s new kitten. Amelie loves little Fred, although the relationship is pretty one sided for now.

– Shape sorting. This has been fab for developing her fine manipulative skills, and she lights up each time we cheer as she fits a shape through perfectly!

Amelie’s Dislikes

– Her new shoes. I only say this because she walks as if she’s got flippers on, so I’m guessing they feel a little heavier than what she’s used to!

Current Bedtime and Feeding Routine

We’ve finally nailed bedtime! You know, no biggy, it’s not like it’s taken us an entire year or anything. I pop Amelie in her cot with a 6oz bottle of cow’s milk, she’ll play with her teddies for a little while and then she’s usually fast asleep by 7:30pm. The time that she wakes up is so varied, but she sleeps through until 7/8am most days. For food, I’ve noticed that Amelie is getting much fussier with textures so I’ve been trying to let her explore foods and let her get as messy as she likes (my carpet currently hates me). She’s been loving Dairylea Dunkers and yoghurt coated fruit flakes this month, and she’s still a big fan of blueberries. I’ve been trying out a few new homemade snacks for Amelie, and I’m thinking of sharing those in either a blog or a YouTube video so let me know what you think!

What I’ve Learnt Since Last Month

Someone at work recently told me that “it doesn’t get easier, it just gets different” and it’s really stuck in my mind. I think by that she means that no stage of having a child is easier than the other because everything changes. I mean, 4 month old Amelie was definitely a walk in the park compared to 1 year old Amelie; seeing as she didn’t crawl, she only drank milk, and she gave me lovely little smiles. But, you get the gist. There would have been something that I found tricky at 4 months old even if it does seem like it was a breeze looking back now. From this, I’ve learnt that all new mums are learning. Susan may look like she’s got everything under control, but she may well be winging it just as much as you are!


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