Amelie’s Eleven Month Update


Eeek. The last update before my baby turns one! I honestly feel like in the past few weeks/months, I’ve seen the fastest changes in Amelie. She’s developing every single day, and she’s becoming more and more like a little girl rather than a little baby.

Amelie’s Likes

Blueberries. It’s got to the point where I’ve had to hide them from Amelie before she turns into Violet Beauregarde.

– Drinking from her sippy cup. I just love the way she holds her cup like a little lady, and tips her head back to drink. She also finds it hilarious to blow raspberries with a mouth full of water…

– Teddy bear rolling. I have no idea where Amelie got this from, but when she gets excited she breaks into a teddy bear roll and continues to do it until we all stop laughing. She’s such a little entertainer!

– Standing up. Oh yes, another milestone! Wooo!

– Shaking her head. I’m not sure if Amelie has quite established that no means nobut she definitely knows that shaking her head means ‘no’ so we’re halfway there I guess.

Current Bedtime and Feeding Routine

Amelie is still going down pretty late at night but that means extra cuddles and mini lay ins, so I am not complaining! She generally drifts off after her last 4oz bottle at 8:30/9pm, and then wakes up for her morning bottle at 8am(ish). Her sleep pattern highly depends on how badly she’s teething – we’re six teeth in now, and she seems to be handling them better and better each time. So excited for the molars now… 

Amelie is currently having 3 bottles a day (all 4oz) and she loves a good few cups of water throughout the day too. We’ve been using the Munchkin Miracle 360 cup and Amelie is getting on really well with it! Amelie is still loving toast and berries for her breakfast, and she’s a big fan of the Kiddylicious Veggie Sticks for a snack in the day. I’ve even tried Amelie with grapes, which I have been PETRIFIED to try – I cut them vertically into quarters to be on the safest side.

What I’ve Learnt Since Last Month

Since last month, I’ve learnt that babies don’t need everything to be happy. Money is super tight these days, and I’ve got myself in such a state over having a £10 Morrisons ball pit and not one of those fancy foam ones, and not being able to take Amelie to every adventure park or farm across the UK. But really – if you’re baby is content, you’re doing something right! I went to a few charity shops last week after feeling complete mum guilt over the lack of toys Amelie had. Is she developing properly? Am I depriving her of play? I felt awful. I spent under £10 on 6 toys, and Amelie loves them! Mission accomplished! I’ve tried my best to not worry about finances, and focus on being happy around Amelie. In the words of Giovanna Fletcher – happy mum, happy baby.


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