Amelie’s Eight Month Update


Ok, I think we have a new contender for my favourite age so far. Amelie’s Likes

Standing up in her cot. And scaring the life out of me! We were pretty darn quick at moving the mattress to the bottom once Amelie had discovered her new trick.

Dancing. To my tone deaf singing of the Word Party theme tune.

Being told ‘no’. According to Amelie, I’m funniest when I’m telling her not to chew on the remote when she has a gazillion toys to play with.

Crawling. Yes, actual crawling. No more commando-style-dragging-herself-along-the-carpet crawling!

Cy’s Xbox remote. If that means using us as human climbing frames to get hold of the remote, then so be it. And now she’s mastered standing up against the TV unit, we have no chance with hiding it from her!

Amelie’s Dislikes

Having things taken off of her. Don’t expect to get your phone back once Amelie has got hold of it, unless you want to experience baby tantrums 101.

Eating something different to us. “So, you get a meal and I get another bloody purée?” must spring to mind.

Current Feeding and Bedtime Routine

Amelie has been a right old pain in the backside when it comes to self soothing. We had self soothing down to a T when she was a few months old, but she is very strong willed when it comes to getting her bedtime cuddle. Recently, Amelie’s been going to bed any time from 6:30-8:30pm and sleeps through until 6-7am. She usually has a one hour nap each day (either mid morning or mid afternoon), and a few 30 minute naps if we’re lucky.

When we first started weaning, Amelie really lost interest in her bottle. But now, she goes crazy when she spots me scooping out the milk. She’s having around 4-5oz four times a day, and three meals on top of that. I really tried to persevere with baby led weaning, and it has paid off as she now loves it! She’s still loving toast for breakfast, then she often has scrambled egg (or a purée) for lunch, and then a bit of whatever we’re having for dinner. If she can’t have what we’re having, we’ll whip out another purée or throw together a mini pasta dish.

What I’ve Learnt Since Last Month

Since last month I’ve learnt that baby-led weaning is messy, and generally quite a task, but perseverance is key. Amelie used to stare at the food, and then stare at me like “mum, this is your job?!” But she’s nailed it now, and will eat anything. Although by anything we’re also talking sand and the bath bubbles. Long sleeved bibs, suction bowls and wetwipes are my new best friends.

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