The Baby Edit | Spring Into Spring


I’ve decided to start a mini series on my seasonal picks for Amelie’s wardrobe. It’s a worrying habit that I go shopping and totally skip the ‘womenswear’ section and jump straight over to the kids wear. Spring is one of my favourite seasons as I’m all for wearing inbetweeny outfits. Be that a jumper without a coat/jacket, or a jumpsuit with a jacket. With me aside, I’ve had a browse online and I’ve either already purchased these items, or they’re at the top of my wish list for Amelie.

I never used to be one for yellow on babies but since my own wardrobe has turned completely yellow, I felt that Amelie needed a bit injected into her wardrobe. I looove this little yellow cardigan, and it surprisingly goes with so much – the little denim dress, in particular. Yellow and denim seem to be a dream team for Amelie!

I’m a big fan of dungarees on babies, so of course I was eyeing up this lovely little number on the Next website! But apparently one pair of dungarees isn’t enough. I’ve had the hedgehog pair screenshotted on my phone for a good month now. Anything pink with woodland animals on it, and I’m sold! I’ve not really looked in H&M for baby clothes until recently but I can’t wait to buy this pink dungaree dress for Amelie ready for the (slightly) warmer months ahead!

Is it obvious that I’m a big fan of dungarees, and all things yellow and pink?!

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