Five Things I Said I’d Never Do (But Do)


I was the perfect parent. Well, that was before I actually became a parent. “I’d never do this”, “I’d never do that”. In fact, I actually had a conversation with my friends mum a week before discovering my pregnancy about the things I wouldn’t do as a parent. And, here I am – doing it all.

1. Dummies

Mum used to say ‘oh, just you wait’ when I mentioned not using dummies. I was a right old dummy snob, in fact. Now, I couldn’t live without the things.

2. Mum Bras

Once you wear a maternity bra, there’s no going back. Unfortunately, when you have boobies that hang below the knees – a whole lot of comfort is needed. Back in my B-cup days I was all about wearing bralettes, but that’s just a laughing matter now.

3. Putting A Coat On Your Child

There I was, dogging up Susan for not putting a coat on her child in the 25 degree summer. Here I am, replicating said Susan but in the 3 degrees winter. When you’re given guidelines to ‘not put a coat on your baby when they’re in a car seat’, and you have a baby who screams when they’re anything but naked – you avoid the coat situation. Unless of course it’s sub zero. Then I’ll persevere.

4. Screen Time

Screaming baby? Netflix. Need to tidy the house? Netflix. I’d love to shake my past self and say ‘a little screen time never hurt nobody’.

5. Spam Social Media

I bet you’re all laughing at this one. Yes, I am the master at plastering my baby all over Instagram. I really didn’t want to be that mum, but I take sooo many pictures of Amelie. She’s super cute – it would be rude not to, right?


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