Being A Mum. Being A Woman.


If being a mum has taught me anything, it’s that being a woman is the best and worst thing. The worst because quite frankly having to push tiny things out of our own tiny things is rather painful.

But, the best because we are able to bear a child for 9 months (or 3 months if your name is Chloe Astley). We also have two dollops on our chest which turn into milk machines after bearing this child. Pretty impressive, I’d say! With all career paths aside, being a mum was what I wanted most in life. And here I am (10 years earlier than anticipated) – a mother who is doing as best of a a job as humanly possible.

I always knew that women were amazing for their ability to carry and birth children, but going through it myself gave me a whole new perspective. I’ve never felt more pride in being a woman until I walked out of the house, heavily pregnant, feeling more body confident than ever. The love handles, the stretch marks, the double chin, and the friction burns on my thighs. It was the pride in knowing that my round belly contained a tiny human. However, I’ve not had quite the same confidence with my postpartum body. The jelly belly, the saggy milk machines, and what Susie Verill would describe as a ‘new arsehole’.

Having my own child has helped me to appreciate the bloody good job that my own mother has done. My mum is a single mother with 5 children, and it’s needless to say that the 5 of us are beyond lucky to have her. My dad is totally out of the picture, so my mum has the role of both a mum and dad to me and my oldest-little-brother. She’s a mum, dad and a best friend. After announcing my pregnancy, we were both shamed as women for having children out of wedlock. People have their opinions, but I personally don’t see the problem. I love my little love child regardless of whether I’m married or not. My mum has never been married, but I still consider her to be the best mama out there!

The overall message of this post is that all women are amazing! Regardless of what choices you make, we all carry a baby the same way and get pretty similar postpartum emotions. If you gave birth naturally, if you had a c-section, if you bottle feed, if you breastfeed, if you’re married, if you’re not married. None of that measures how good of a mum you are, or what kind of woman you are. I gave birth naturally, I bottle feed, and I’m not married. Who cares?! Don’t be so hard on yourselves, mamas!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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