Mama Hacks


I’m all for making life a little easier, especially when it involves motherhood. So, I’ve discovered a few little things that I’ve found helpful since having Amelie. For those of you who are interested in what hacks I have from teething to clearing up mess – you’re in the right place!

The Spare Outfit

Poo explosions are unfortunately inevitable with tiny babies, and I definitely like to be (somewhat) prepared for when they spring upon me. I’d say that being in a situation where there is poo everywhere (and no spare clothes or wetwipes) has taught me a lesson or two. I’ve found a way of putting an outfit together so that you don’t have to rummage through the bag for each item. I lay the spare outfit out and pop a sock on either side. I then roll the outfit up, keeping the socks hanging out. Then, I turn the socks in on themselves to secure the outfit into a little ball. As you’ve probably noticed, I’m quite rubbish at explaining things so I have also left some photos below.


These teething days are the worst, and it’s needless to say that I was desperate to try anything to help out my little love. Although I swear by Baby Bonjela and Calpol, I was also recommended another solution. I make up a bottle for Amelie, as usual, and then pour the milk into an ice cube tray to pop into the freezer. The little blocks of frozen milk are cooling for your baby whilst they are teething. If your baby doesn’t like holding the cold ice cube, you could try popping a dummy into the milk before freezing it. Amelie loves this!

Bib Storage

I am the worst when it comes to wiping up food and milk regurgitations. Bibs and muslin cloths are usually tucked away neatly upstairs, whilst I’m using the sleeve of my new jumper to wipe up whatever mess has been made. Yum. Since weaning Amelie, I have stuck a little hook on the back of her highchair so that I can hang bibs on there. This has meant that there is always a bib to hand when faced with baby mess.

A Warm Mattress

When Amelie was a newborn, she was terrible for waking up as soon as I popped her onto her mattress. After a bit of thinking, I realised that going from me (who was nice and warm) to a mattress (during the winter months) was probably a bit of a shock to her. To solve this, I used to pop a hot water bottle onto her mattress for a few minutes before popping her down. This way, she stayed just as warm as she was in my arms.

Milk Pods

If I know I have plans the next day, I like to be a tiny bit organised. My friends are probably reading this and laughing as I’m still so unorganised. In the evening, I pop however many ounces of formula milk into Amelie’s milk pods ready for the morning. These milk pods are great as they sit in the bottle, and you have the right amount of milk ready for your baby’s feed.

Do you have any hacks to make your life a little easier?


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