Amelie’s Six Month Update


I know I say it every month but WHAT? I feel like I blinked and Amelie is suddenly half a year old. Crazy, crazy, crazy!

Amelie’s Likes

– Peek-a-boo. Nothing makes Amelie laugh more than a little bit of peek-a-boo. Super cute!

– Row-row-row the boat. She has no idea what I’m saying or doing, but she loves it. Her little face lights up, and on the odd occasion she’s screamed right on cue. Well rehearsed, I say.

– Blowing raspberries. First she found her voice, and then she found how to blow raspberries. Bibs have became a must-have since Amelie enjoys drooling everywhere. Yum.

– Sophie The Giraffe. A firm favourite of Amelie’s. Poor Soph has been covered in all sorts of regurgitations, but Amelie cannot be without her.

Amelie’s Dislikes

– Carrot. So, the weaning has begun. Carrots were Amelie’s first food – her face was telling me ‘no’ whilst she was face planting her bowl. I persevered, and I did see a difference by the third day; but I think it’s fair to say that she’s not the biggest fan of carrot.

– Teething. Same old, same old. No signs of a tooth yet, just one unhappy baby. Thank god for Sophie the Giraffe!

Current Feeding and Bedtime Routine

Amelie was last weighed at 13lbs 1oz and has around 7oz of milk every 3 hours. I’ve incorporated some baby rice into Amelie’s first morning feed, and she has a homemade puree of some sort for lunch. We decided to wean Amelie a week before she turned 6 months because she had been eyeing up our food for quite some time, and was wanting milk more regularly. There’s a whole post coming up on our weaning experience, so keep your eyes peeled.

In terms of sleeping, Amelie’s pattern has been quite varied. She’s had a few 12 hour nights, and she’s had a few bad nights. It’s all dependent on what time we put her down, really. Amelie generally goes to bed between 6:30pm and 8pm – the later the better. If she goes down at 8pm, she will (generally) sleep right through until 7:30am(ish). She’ll feed, and go straight back down for an hour or two. 11 hours sleep, 2 daytime naps, and we’re good to go!

What I’ve Learnt Since Last Month

Not everyone understands. It sounds a bit emosh, but it’s true. And, to be honest – I probably didn’t understand either until I became a mum myself. Sometimes you have to bail, sometimes your baby has bad days, sometimes you’re more hormonal than your pregnant-self. Not everyone gets that, and that’s fine. But believe me when I say that getting Amelie out of the house when she’s teething is a mission that I’d rather avoid at all costs. I’ve learnt that not everybody understands but you gotta do you.

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