Baby Shower Gift Guide


As the mama-to-be, lots of nappies and wet wipes are essential purchases. Exciting, right? But as a baby shower attendee, I think it’s much more exciting to buy cute baby items as opposed to that nipple cream that you’ve been thinking of buying. With the nipple cream aside, I’ve put together a little list of baby shower gift ideas!

Sophie The Giraffe

I think we all know how much I love Sophie. I put off buying this teether for a while as I thought £11.99 was pretty darn expensive for a plastic giraffe. However, £11.99 for a baby shower gift – not so bad. Any sort of teether is great, but Amelie is a big fan of this particular one; and so I’ll always recommend it.

Bath Towels

This is a very practical gift, and one that is constantly in out of my washing machine. You can never have too many bath towels for your baby! There are so many bath towels available and they are really inexpensive so this would be a great addition to a baby hamper.

A Pregnancy Read For The Mama-To-Be

When I asked my friend what kinds of things to buy for myself, her number one recommendation was the ‘How To Grow a Baby and Push It Out’ book. This book is described as a no-nonsense guide to pregnancy and birth. And, that it is! This gift may be better if your mama-to-be friend is planning on baby showering a little earlier on in her pregnancy. Or, like me, they may enjoy starting the book from week 26.

Baby Blanket

One of my favourite baby shower gift was a personalised blanket. We were firm on the name ‘Amelie’, and so we were open to personalised gifts. One of our friends bought us a beautiful floral blanket with Amelie’s name embroidered onto it. Even if the name hasn’t been decided, a nice quality blanket will do the same job. A great example of a nice quality (unpersonalised) blanket is one from the brand Towin Baby. We were given one as a gift as it’s one of our faves!

Swaddle Blankets/Muslin Cloths

One thing that I wish I had invested in were some swaddle blankets from Aden and Anais. There are some really lovely designs, but it’s quite a pricey from-me-to-me gift. They are such nice quality, and really versatile – you can use them from swaddling your baby to covering yourself whilst you breastfeed. If it’s within your budget, I think this would make a great gift! We have some musy squares from Aden and Anais, and they are super soft. For unique, and good quality, Muslin cloths at a much cheaper price – the Musthud nuzzles are on my wish list!

Car Seat Toy

My nan kindly bought Amelie a Jellycat car seat toy for my baby shower. It’s super pretty, and Amelie loves the lullaby that it plays! If I was to buy a car seat toy for myself, I’d look into spending a little less than this (stingy mum alert); but it made a wonderful baby shower gift.

Baby Record Book

Another gift that I was fortunate to have received was a baby record book. This book keeps a record of everything from your first scan to each milestone that your baby reaches. It’s a really lovely way of looking back on things, and a gift that I loved!

What would you buy a mama-to-be?


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