Is Soothing A Newborn Impossible?!


I feel like this post is well overdue since I’ve had tons of questions on Amelie and her good sleeping genes. There is no denying the utter mum guilt when you can’t work out why your baby is crying. You can never be prepared for those first few weeks with a newborn – the sleepless nights are brutal. Me and Cyril used to lose our minds, feeling awful that we didn’t know how to soothe Amelie. That’s until our friend introduced us to this app. ‘Mum & Baby’ is an app that has been created by professionals from Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. They know their stuff! There’s so much great advice on this app, but the ‘soothing your crying baby’ section appealed to me in particular.

We used to take Amelie for drives in the middle of the night as we knew that she’d settle in the car, but this was a habit that I wanted to get out of pronto. This app provides a check list that you can follow to make sure that you’ve done everything that you can to settle your baby. After all, you baby is crying for a reason; even if it may not seem like it. The list is pretty self explanatory but, speaking from experience, there’s a lot that you forget when you’re stressed.

Once we mastered this part, we got on to self soothing. Another challenge, and the return of the mum guilt. We used to let Amelie cry for one minute, and then pick her up for one minute. We’d then let her cry for two minutes, and cuddle for two minutes. This is just something that we trialled, but it (strangely) got her into the the habit of self soothing. Of course we had to incorporate some cuddling. At around 9 weeks, Amelie finally slept after one round of cry-then-cuddle. We now give her a dummy and blanket, and pop her into her crib awake. She’s then fast asleep after 5-10 minutes.

We no longer use this section on the app as we can (generally) tell what each cry means. She’s usually a bit of a whinger when she’s tired, and a screamer when she’s hungry. I think we know where she gets that from. Oops. It’s been a real learning curve, but we got there in the end!

How have you managed to soothe your crying baby?

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