Microblading Saved My Brows


Eyebrows, we have come a loooong way. I have hunted down a few old (and dreadful) photos over a period of 5 years and put them together to share with you my ‘eyebrow journey’. Looking back at these photos, I am so so embarrassed that I once left the house with brows that looked so bad! Apparently eyebrows are a lot more important than I had originally thought.

The Over-plucked Brow

Here’s where the journey started – thirteen years old and so say ‘in to beauty’. I’m sure all of the beauty bloggers who once inspired me to (over)pluck my eyebrows are offended. Be assured – they done a much better job than thirteen year old me. Once I put the tweezers down for the first time, I was able to fit three of my fingers inbetween both of my eyebrows. Unfortunately, I fully embraced this look; feeling so proud that I was finally old enough to know how to pluck my eyebrows. It wasn’t until my friend asked me why they were so far apart that I realised it was time to fill in the over-plucked areas. And that’s where the next awful part of the journey began…

The ‘I’m Rubbish at Filling in My Brows’ Brow


No words. Just a lot of cringing. I binned the eyebrow pencil (thank goodness) and then looked into getting them tinted.

The ‘Trying To Tint What’s Left of the Brow’ Brow


When I started to get my eyebrows threaded and tinted I did start to see improvements with the shape, but the tint didn’t last for more than a few days as my skincare routine didn’t cooperate. How much money did I have to spend to find a treatment that can handle hardcore cleansing?!

The ‘Half-Way There’ Brow


I took a break from threading and plucking to let my eyebrows grow out a bit. I felt like I had two hairy slugs sat on my face, but this is one of the most crucial parts of my brow journey – three fingers in between the brows turned to two. Impressive, I know.

And finally…

The Microbladed Brow

After aimlessly scrolling through Instagram, I came across a lovely lady (Hayley) who had just started microblading. She helped me to decide what shape would suit my face and what colour would match me best. The procedure is pretty much painless (with numbing cream, of course) although the odd scratch did my make my little piggies curl. After waiting so long to turn 18, I then found out I was pregnant! So, the waiting game for microblading resumed.

Now that I’ve got round to it, I’m super happy with how my eyebrows have turned out! The first picture is the result of the initial treatment, the second picture shows the 5 week top up, and the final picture shows my fully healed brows. Although microblading can be slightly on the pricier side, I now don’t have to worry about my eyebrows for 6-12 months. Problem solved!

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