How We Mastered Tummy Time


In all honesty, I had no idea how to do tummy time but I did know that midwives advise it. Every time I attempted it with Amelie she simply cried and spewed up her entire feed. Not very successful to say the least. I’ve tried out a few ways to improve tummy time, and I thought I’d share them with any of you mamas who have also been a bit stuck. Or maybe it’s just me.

Staying Comfortable

I’ve found that keeping Amelie slightly propped up has encouraged her to push her arms down, and lift her head up. We’ve used a pregnancy pillow, a Sleepyhead Deluxe, and a play mat; and they all seem to do the job perfectly. So, if you have any of these items then maybe incorporate them into your baby’s tummy time; and see what works for you!

Preventing Projectile Vomit

I hope it’s not just my baby who brings up all sorts of milk regurgitations during tummy time. Projectile vomit central! I always used think it was a great idea to do tummy time straight after Amelie had fed. Not such a great idea, let’s say. We still get the odd bit of wind (and regurgitations) but I just simply pop a muslin cloth underneath her to somewhat save the play mat. There was a point where that Sleepyhead cover was constantly in the wash. And, if you own a Sleepyhead Deluxe; then you know that it’s a complete workout to put the cover back on the mattress. I’d rather use a muslin cloth.

Keeping Your Baby Entertained

Unfortunately, Amelie has one of my worst traits – a strong love for sleep. During tummy time, she’d much rather have a little lay down. Or tries to eat her play mat. She’s basically just interested in doing anything other than tummy time. So, I’ve started to place a toy in front of her, or slightly above her, so that she has to lift her head to see it. Complete bribery. For baby entertainment at its finest – I pop her favourite show (Word Party) on Netflix.

Since doing all of these things, I’ve found that Amelie has got much better at tummy time. She has been quite strong since she was newborn, but I’ve definitely seen improvements in the way that she now holds her head up. A real success, I’d say!

How do you tackle tummy time problems?

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