DIY Tassel Garland


It all started with the wall above Amelie’s changing unit starting to look a little bare, and so I scrolled through Pinterest for some inspiration. Here, I found tons of ‘shelfies’ which inspired me to create my own, and decorate the ever so naked wall above the changing unit. You may be thinking ‘what on earth is that hanging from the shelf?!’, or you may be wondering how I made it. This tassel garland is inspired by Kate Murnane (aka Kate Bow Bow), and this is how I made it:

What You’ll Need

– Wool or yarn (any colour to suit the colour scheme of your room)
– Scissors
– A piece of cardboard (around 10cm, depending on how big you’d like the tassels to be)
– A piece of leather cord (I bought mine on eBay for about £1)

What To Do

1. Wrap the wool around the cardboard around 60 to 80 times, depending on how thick you would like your tassel to be.
2. Once you have wrapped it 60 to 80 times, cut the tassel so that it is no longer attached to the ball of wool.
3. Then, cut a piece of wool from the ball (around 10-15cm) and tie it at the top of your tassel (this is so that you have something to attach the tassel to the cord). You will then need to cut the bottom of the tassel so that it comes off of the cardboard.
4. Next, cut off another piece of wool and tightly wrap it 2cm or so from the top of the tassel. You can then tie the excess wool to one of the tassel strands.
5. Once you have made your desired amount of tassels, you can tie them onto the cord.

And there you have your tassel garland!

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