The Pregnancy Tag


I recently stumbled across this pregnancy tag, and figured that it would be a great way to share my pregnancy thoughts with you all. This post is in collaboration with the lovely Laura from Raising Estée, if you’d like to take a look at her answers too!

1. How and when did you find out you were pregnant?

Ironically, I was actually doing an ab workout the day before I found out. Who was I trying to kid?! Flat belly? No chance. I blamed all of the pregnancy symptoms as side effects of my contraception, and it wasn’t until my ‘chubby belly’ became hard and round that I decided to take a test on May 11th. After my first scan, I discovered I was in fact 6 months pregnant!

2. How did you feel?

Oh god, there’s not one exact feeling to describe it. Initially – overwhelmed. I was no where near prepared for the test result to be positive, so it was a big shock! It took me a few weeks to come to terms with it, but then I enjoyed every minute of my pregnancy (besides the rubbish parts, of course) and could not wait to meet my little Amelie.

3. How old were you?

I was 18 when I found out, but 17 for half of the pregnancy.

4. How did you tell your partner?

A phone call which involved a lot of tears. If I wasn’t so confident on the test being negative, I would have done it before he left for work. Cyril reacted so well, and gave me the best support I could have hoped for!

5. Did you wait three months to tell people? Why/why not?

Haha. We were already way past 3 months when we announced it. I would have waited anyway, as it’s nice to feel secure about everything. I also loved that we could refer to her as a her and not just an it when we announced our news.

6. Is this your first?


7. Do you want more?

Definitely. Although, not anytime soon. I have always wanted my children to be fairly close in age but uni may cause a slight delay. I don’t want to put a time on anything, but I definitely want another in the near(ish) future.

8. Your biggest craving?

I was very boring when it came to cravings. I love when people share their super weird cravings, but I didn’t have any. For me – chocolate, pancakes, and all things sweet were generally what fuelled my pregnancy.

9. What’s the best part of being pregnant?

Ummm. That’s a tricky one (pregnancy is hard work!) I’d say, feeling little kicks during the day. I felt like I had such a bond with Amelie right from the day I found out, and feeling her move was the best feeling. I also became so body confident with my bump. I’d whip it out at any given opportunity. The bump, that is.

10. What’s the worst part of being pregnant?

Leg cramps. Without a doubt, the worst thing about being pregnant (for me, anyway). I used to dread going to sleep at night because I knew I’d be woken up by leg cramps. The only pain that comes close(ish) to child birth. OK, slight exaggeration but you get the jist!

11. Will you/did you find out the gender? What do you prefer?

Yes, we found out that we were having a girl on my first scan. From that day onwards, I couldn’t stop imagining our beautiful little addition to the family. I wasn’t fussed on the baby’s gender, I just wanted a happy and healthy baby. As does everyone!

12. Do you/did you have names picked out, and what are the stories behind them?

I feel like everyone generally has names that they ‘want to call their baby’, but it’s not until you actually have to name a baby that you take it seriously. I’d never thought of the name ‘Amelie’ before, but me and Cyril fell in love with it. I found boys names quite tricky but we liked Oliver and Reuben.

13. What is/was your birth plan?

I wasn’t too fussy, but I did have my heart set on a water birth. I was pretty much pushing when I got to hospital, and I’ve never seen someone run a bath so fast in my life. Best midwives ever! I was in the pool for the best part of 10 minutes, but I got my water birth. Result!

14. Will you/did you breastfeed?

I breastfed for three weeks. Although I absolutely loved it, I think people underestimate how much hard work it really is. I was feeding Amelie hourly, and it just became exhausting. Amelie was born weighing 5lbs 2oz so formula milk was recommended to me anyway, as it’s more fattening for babies. Well done to all of you mamas who have stuck to breastfeeding. You really are amazing!

15. Do you plan to work or be a stay at home mum?

As much as I’d love to stay home with Amelie forever, I think she’d get sick to death of my company. I’m starting uni in September 2018 if that counts as ‘work’?! Other than that, I will be spending my days off with Amelie. So, a bit of both I guess.

16. Will you/do you make your own baby food?

In an ideal world, yes! I’m planning on buying a baby food blender, and trialling baby-led weaning. I can’t believe my little baby will be weaning soon, so scary!

17. Do you/did you have nursery ideas/themes?

Whilst I’m living with my mum, Amelie has been with me in my bright and cheerful white room. What a theme. She has a little shelf which has grey, white and pink bits and bobs resting on it; and I love that colour scheme for her future nursery. I quite like the modern nurseries that are trending at the moment, with teepees and prints on the wall. So, I think that’s the plan!

I tag Anna from Life With Saskia Evangeline, and Paige from Paige Tildelesy.

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