Not Another New Year’s Resolution…

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Every year I set myself the same (unrealistic) goals – get fit, drink more water, and get better at saving. They’ve always been so generic, and not so specific. For 2018, I want to set myself a few specific goals that I think will make a happier, healthier me!

Time Out

Since having Amelie, I’ve got completely wrapped up in the ‘Insta-mum’ community, and in all honestly it has really got me down. There have been many occasions where I have messaged mums – to say that I love their blog, to ask for advice, to compliment their child’s outfit. All of this to get either ignored or sent an emoji. It’s quite disheartening when all I’m looking for is someone to talk to. I feel like a bit of an idiot, really. Is it my age? Are my pictures not good enough? Who knows. I feel like I’ve tried too hard to fit in to this community as a not-so-insta-worthy-mum which is why I’m wanting to take some time out. I want to be inspired by the well-known Insta-mums, but not put pressure on myself to become one. For one whole week, once a month, I am going to delete all social media apps (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even WordPress) and spend some quality time with Amelie, Cyril, and the rest of my family. I need to start enjoying Amelie’s development rather than putting pressure on myself to capture it on camera.

Baby Classes

In an attempt to cheer me up, my closest friend described the Insta-mum community perfectly! She said “it’s like online dating – it’s never going to be as smooth as meeting someone in person”. Yes Fleur, exactly that. Which brings me onto my next resolution – attend at least two baby classes. Not only will these baby classes help with Amelie’s development, but it will also benefit me socially. I’ve made some great mama friends over the past few months, and they have provided a friendship with a whole lot in common. Exactly what I have needed!

Less Caffeine

I am completely guilty for being a caffeine addict. I love a good cup of tea first thing in the morning (and 50,000 other times during the day) but it’s becoming a bit of a problem. There are a stack of teabags which are starting to resemble the Leaning Tower Of Pisa, and I’m completely dependent on caffeine to keep my eyes open. The first few weeks with Amelie, I never had a hot cuppa, it had always got cold by the time I got round to drinking it. So, I think I’ve gone a bit cup-of-tea-happy since Amelie has got easier. New Year’s Resolution 3 – cut down on the caffeine!

Mastering The 10K

I used to be so into fitness. 2016 was my year for it – I was regularly going to the gym and classes, I was eating well, and I was part of a running club. A whole lot better than my current routine, that’s for sure. In 2015, when I first got into running, I was able to run 10K in just under an hour. For 2018, I am determined to get that kind of stamina back. Therefore, my final resolution is to sign up to a 10K run and complete it in under an hour!

With less social media, more socialising, less caffeine, and good fitness – I should be a much happier and healthier version of me! I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas, and have a great 2018!

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