Amelie’s Four Month Update


I feel like such a parent to say “oh, they grow so fast”, but oh my goodness. Where has the time gone?! 4 month update already?! My little 5lb baby is turning into a little lady, and I’m oh so proud of her.

Amelie’s Likes

– Her forward facing seat. Amelie has been desperate for me to stop using the carrycot so that she can have a little nosey around whilst we’re shopping. Nosiest baby ever!

– Word Party. A Netflix original series that Amelie absolutely loves! She can go from a whinging little madam to kicking her little legs around, as soon as I pop this on the TV.

– Tummy time. Amelie used to hate this – projectile vomit and a whole lot of screaming was the general result of tummy time. She’s now slowly starting to push herself up, and lift her head. Baby steps, but we’re getting somewhere!

Finding her voice. From cooing to laughing, Amelie has really started to find her little voice. Mummy-baby chats are our new favourite thing!

– Recognising faces. There’s nothing like the way that Amelie’s face lights up as soon as she see’s her twin aunties. Or the way that she beams when Cyril comes home from work. And how she laughed all weekend with her nanny, whilst me and Cyril were away. She knows her family, and is always so pleased to see us. The best feeling ever!

(Amelie’s dress is from Next, and her bow is from The Littlest Of Things)

Amelie’s Dislikes

– Being put into her car seat. My mum always told me about when children start to kick and arch their backs as you put them in to their car seat… But at 4 months old?! Uh oh.

– Teething. Obviously it’s too early for any signs of a cutting tooth, but she is constantly whinging, sucking on her hands, and drooling. I find it so funny to think that my little gummy baby will have a full set of teeth one day!

Vaccinations. The last lot were the worst of the lot! Amelie really suffered with her last set of jabs, and it has knocked me for six. A poorly baba, and a sleepy mama.

Current Feeding and Bedtime Routine

Apparently 4 month sleep regression is a thing. Amelie’s last feed is around 8pm but she hasn’t been taking it well recently. She refuses the majority of her last feed, and so goes to sleep with a tummy that’s nowhere near full. Yep, you guessed it – the night feeds are back. We’re talking 3am feeds, and a zombie-like mama. So, Amelie sleeps from 9pm to 4am, and then 4am to 9am. It’s not all that bad, just a big shock to the system. She has a 1-2 hour nap around midday, and then 10 minute power naps after every feed.

Amelie was last weighed at 10lbs 8oz and has 6oz of milk every 3-4 hours. I’m so pleased with how much she’s filled out – it’s all about the leg rolls and double chin. I love it. I still get stopped by people saying “oh, she’s so tiny”, but to me she’s now huge!

What I’ve Learnt Since Last Month

As a parent, you know what’s best! It’s a shame that some people feel the need to tell you what is right and wrong when it comes to parenthood – you should be married before, you shouldn’t let your baby sleep through the night, you should be breastfeeding. What you really should be doing is whatever works for you! I’ve learnt that people can advise (such as my mum, who evidently has plenty of experience) but nobody can tell you right from wrong. As a new mum, I’m open to all advice. By all means, please tell me what you done to soothe your screaming baby; but please don’t tell me that what I’m doing is wrong. You get the jist!

I become more and more proud of Amelie everyday, and can’t quite believe she’s 4 months old already! Thank you for making this year the best for us, little one.

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