Mama’s Hospital Bag: What I Packed


Alongside a lifetime supply of Lucozade Sport, my maternity notes and my phone charger; there were a few other things that I could not have been without during my postpartum hospital stay.

A Dressing Gown

I love me a good dressing gown – if you know, you know – and having Amelie in the summer did not stop me from lugging one to hospital. My mum bought me a brand new dressing gown for the occasion, as apparently none of the four I already had at home made the cut. Although this particular one was from Asda, I generally find that Next or Marks and Spencer are best for a life-long dressing gown. We’re talking a good few years wear out of these (and they stay nice and fluffy). The hospital fluctuated between being unbearably hot and absolutely freezing, and dressing gowns are so quick to whip on and off.


For footwear, I wanted something quick and comfortable to slip on. I love the slippers that Next offer as they stay in tact for quite some time, and so again – you get your money’s worth. I’d recommend getting slip-on slippers for practicality so that there is no need to bend down or faff around too much. If you have a Caesarean section, I feel as though you would especially benefit from this.

A Nightie

When it came to night wear, I wanted something comfortable that wouldn’t be too fussy when it came to breastfeeding. There are many nighties out there that are specially designed for nursing, with clips similar to what you’ll find on a nursing bra. But, I just opted for a nightie with thin straps; that I could just wangle my arms in and out of to breastfeed. I picked mine up from Primark as I didn’t want to spend extortionate amounts of money on something that would probably get ruined, so I’d definitely recommend having a look around there.

Nursing Bras

The ugliest, granny-like bras you can find will most likely do the trick. In fact, I still (shamelessly) wear them now. They are ideal for breastfeeding, and take my word for saying – your boobies need the comfort! That third day, when your milk comes through, is absolutely brutal.

Your Most Sexiest Undies

Jokes. We’re talking more Bridget-Jones-esque when it comes to what you take to hospital. Without being TMI – you bleed a lot after you give birth. And again, you will need the comfort from some big pants. Believe me!

Maternity Pads

That brings me on to my next item – maternity pads. And lots of them! I had nappies bigger than Amelie’s, but they were very much needed.

Breast Pads

I’m not sure what the deal is with the leaky boob situation if you choose not to breastfeed, but yes – leaky boobs for the breastfeeders. I made sure I had some breast pads packed in my bag ready to tackle this problem.

Nipple Cream

Something made me cringe when writing ‘nipple cream’, and I’m not sure what. With that aside, this was an absolute must for when my milk was coming through. Feeding Amelie became excruciating, and my toes would curl as she latched on. I used the Lansinoh cream as you don’t need to remove it before breastfeeding, so it causes very little disturbance (well, besides having to actually apply it).

Bikini Top

I planned to have a water birth, so I made sure I had a bikini top ready for that. Nothing fancy – just a simple black one that I could quickly tie on. In the moment, I was not fussed about what I was (or wasn’t) wearing; but my mum quickly tied it onto me to somewhat save my dignity. I’d definitely recommend taking one just so that it is available for if you make an impulse decision to jump in to the birthing pool.

I really hope that this post helps any of you mums-to-be!

*Thank you Paige, from P and R Designs, for designing the header for this post. Check out their Instagram to have a nosey at the wide range of prints available. I love them!

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