Baby’s Christmas Eve Box


My mum likes to give us all Christmas Eve boxes, and I felt that it was only right to include Amelie is this small tradition. But, how on earth do you make up a Christmas Eve Box for a baby?! After a scroll through pinterest (what’s new?), I figured that a bit of DIY and few bits and bobs could work. And it did! I was originally going to buy a standard wooden crate box and spray paint it grey, but I then stumbled across a grey crate box from Tkmaxx. Unfortunately, the exact one I have has sold out but you can find a similar one here. If you’re wanting a different colour than boring, old grey; then my original idea may work for you.

The ‘DIY’ Part

I then found this personalised sign which I used for Amelie’s box. The sign itself is a bit dull in colour, so Cyril spray painted it white to suit the grey crate. I would have gone a bit spray paint happy, hence why I gave this job to Cy. He also had to do the superglue part. And basically the entire box. Oops.


Inside The Box

I tried to think of a few things that Amelie has, and then christmas-ified them. Something to sleep in, something to dribble on, something to cuddle. Oh, and something for a bedtime read.


Excluding the bits and bobs inside, the box cost me around £17 (the box, the sign, superglue and spray paint) as opposed to the £30 boxes on the market. With a bit of luck, this box should last Amelie for years!

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