Amelie’s Three Month Update


It’s been 3 whole months since the world’s fastest labour took place, and a lovely little Amelie arrived. Something tells me that I will not be that lucky again.

Amelie’s Likes

Baby massage. We started to attend baby massage classes this month and they’ve been great for both of us! Despite being the youngest mama there, I have never been made to feel out of place in any way, shape or form. As for Amelie, she absolutely loves the bonding time we have during these classes; and generally just loves a good massage. Don’t get used to it, little one.

Being nosey. Amelie loves being in her baby carrier, but apparently facing outwards is the only option. As long as she can have a little nose around, all is well.

– Dummies, blankets and comforters. Anything soft and snuggly that Amelie can hold against her face, she absolutely loves! Yes, I totally gave in with dummies; but she loves a good snuggle with her dummy and blanket. A lot of the time she pulls her blanket over her face to soothe herself to sleep. For those who of you who are a part of the mum police – I promise that I stay close to her, and pull it off once she’s deep in sleep.

Amelie’s Dislikes

Teething. Very early signs of course, but the health visitor has confirmed that Amelie definitely has some little pearly whites under her gums. She’s been dribbling left, right and centre; and sucking on her hand for comfort. A little bit of calpol seems to have done the trick for now.

Current Feeding and Bedtime Routine

My tiny little 5lb 2oz baby was last weighed at 8lbs 10oz, so I’m guessing that she’s around the 9lbs mark now. Amelie is still the size of some newborns, but I am so proud of how well she’s doing for her size. She’s now having around 5oz-6oz of milk 5-6 times a day.

Amelie’s sleeping pattern has really improved since last month (and thus, so have my dark circles). Rumour has it that babies tend to get easier after 6 weeks, but I’d say that it took 8-9 weeks to establish some kind of routine for Amelie. She has her last feed at around 8:30-9pm and then finally settles herself to sleep an hour or so after. Amelie is now sleeping through until the early morning – waking up for a feed at around 5am. After that feed, she’s back down for 4 (ish) more hours. Although this has meant that she’s awake for most of the day, I’ve been able to introduce an extra feed to make up for the feed that she ‘misses’ during the night. I honestly believe Amelie has learnt that once she’s in her sleeping bag, it’s bed time! During the day, Amelie usually has 15 minute power naps after her feeds. “Sleep when your baby sleeps” they said…

What I’ve Learnt Since Last Month

Since last month, I have learnt that it’s okay to have chill days. I put so much pressure on myself to see anyone and everyone when Amelie was born, and I’ve since learnt that it’s okay to say ‘no’. I’ve honestly loved every bit of company I’ve received, and have been so lucky with my support network; but as a newbie to motherhood, I’ve also cherished every ounce of sleep I can get. If this means spending the day on the sofa with blankets, Amelie and Peppa Pig; then so be it.

However, I’ve also learnt the importance of being an ‘unmumsy’ mum. This is from the way I dress to what I do on a Saturday night. When I was pregnant, I found it hard to stick to my usual taste in fashion as I didn’t want to spend extortionate amounts of money on clothes that I’d wear for 3 months. This meant leggings and tshirts were very much a go-to outfit. Despite the huuuge changes in my figure, I am now trying to dress somewhat similar to how I would have done before. I also try to make time for a girls night and a date night once a month. I love spending every day with Amelie, but sometimes a mama needs a break. Cocktail night with the girls? Dinner with the boyfriend? Yes please!

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