Amelie’s Two Month Update


Since scribbling down many failed ideas for blog posts, Amelie has turned 2 months old. What great timing. ‘BABY UPDATES!’ sprung to mind, which is an idea I love both for other people to read and for myself to look back on over time. So, two whole months with our little Amelie. That’s two months of sleepless nights, two months of reflux, two months of constant nappy changing. But above all else, it’s two months of being a mum.

Amelie’s Likes

Having the side of her mouth tickled. This usually stimulates a little smile which makes my heart so full. Amelie started to smile and coo at around 6 weeks old and has not stopped since!

Mummy’s tone deaf lullabies. Each to their own I guess?!

Bath time. Amelie was born in the water, and I’m so certain that this had an effect on how much she loves being in the water now… She cries when we lift her out, and then stops if we put her back in. Okay little one, all on your terms.

Sucking her thumb. I tried so hard to steer away from using dummies, but this just resulted in Amelie sucking her thumb.

Movement. This includes late night car journeys, swinging her car seat until your arm has gone dead, and putting her in her baby wrap whilst bouncing on the birthing ball. Without these, Amelie does not settle.


Amelie’s Dislikes

Vaccinations. The dreaded 8 week vaccinations which probably hurt me more than they hurt Amelie. The day that Amelie had her vaccinations, she was so cuddly and sleepy. By day 2, she was the complete opposite. Then by day 3, my lack of sleep was pushing me to a clear resemblance of Frank Gallagher. Thank goodness for Calpol though!

Reflux. For those of you who don’t know, reflux generally involves your baby rejecting feeds or spitting out milk during feeds (my lovely midwife, Amy Francis, please correct me if I’m wrong). Despite many a trip to the GP, I was still interested in finding ways of easing the symptoms without using medication. I eventually found that regularly winding throughout feeds and keeping her upright for around 20 minutes after feeds helped hugely.


Current Feeding and Bedtime Routine

Amelie was last weighed at 7 weeks old, weighing 7lbs 11oz. After 7 weeks she was finally the average size of a newborn. Teeny tiny. In terms of feeding, I stopped breastfeeding at 3 weeks as I was finding it so demanding, although I’m still annoyed at myself for giving up so early. Amelie is now exclusively bottle feeding 4 to 5oz of milk every 3 to 4 hours.

Amelie generally wakes up at around 7am to feed and then goes back down for a nap until 10am. It’s at this point where I frantically try to make myself look presentable for the day, brushing my hair for the first time in days. In terms of night sleeping… What a sore subject at the moment. Amelie definitely has her good and bad nights, as I expect all babies do, but these vaccinations have killed me off. Before now, Amelie was sleeping for around 6 to 7 hours through the night, and having regular naps throughout the day. However, she’s much harder to settle at the moment and wakes up every 3 hours or so through the night. Amelie sleeps in a crib next to my bed. In her crib, she sleeps on a Sleepyhead Deluxe mattress which I must say is the best baby investment EVER. Not only does she sleep well in it, but it is also portable which allows me to bring her around the house; whilst I attempt to tidy up. I’m still very confused as to how a baby, who does nothing all day, can make so much mess?!

What I Have Learnt Since Last Month

All babies are different. That is one thing I really struggled to grasp at first as I was constantly comparing Amelie to every other baby. I’d hear stories about how one baby slept through the night at 3 weeks old, whilst I was up 2 to 3 times during the night; asking myself what I was doing wrong. The answer is ‘nothing’. All babies are different. I was also always worried about the efficiency of my parenting because of my age. I have since learnt that every single new mum has a hard time, and that my age has no reflection on how I am as a parent. If I could go back to last month, I wouldn’t give myself such a hard time; as at points, I really did think I was the only mum in the world who got frustrated if my baby didn’t settle. There were even times where I believed that I was the only mum in the world with an unsettled baby. I have since learnt how to be a proud mum rather than a stressed mum, and I know which one I’d rather be. I always knew that I would enjoy being a mum (although admittedly, I did think that there would be another 10 years or so before I’d become one), and I really do love it!

One thought on “Amelie’s Two Month Update

  1. Chloe – you sound like such a natural mum. Please, please know that every baby is definitely different & that every mum will have their fair share of frustrations. (Anyone who says otherwise is lying!!) Another one that always helped me was to know that ‘it will change’. I.e – Things with babies often only last a few months & then change. I carried our youngest in a wrap for EVERY nap for the first 4 months. It was the only way that she wouldn’t be a whingebag all day. It nearly crippled my back… but it changed when she got older. You are doing an amazing job.😀

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